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Seven years ago or so I went to Sapporo, Japan for the very first time. Up until then I had only gone to the Kansai area, but due to a slight scheduling conflict our missions team couldn’t go to Kansai and we ended up partnering with a church in Sapporo called Church on the Rock.

While I was there I had the privilege of meeting some great people including a woman named Junko. Throughout the years Junko and I kept in touch and we became friends.


Junko in 2004

Well today Junko got married. I always expected Junko to get married someday, but luckily for me she got married in Hawaii at Nuuanu Congregational Church and I got invited to witness her special day (and my friend John was officiant so that was nice too).

So congratulations Junko and her new husband Yoshi. I hear she will be moving from Sapporo to the Tokyo area so I’m not sure when the next time I’ll see her again will be, but regardless I hope she has a wonderful marriage and a great time in Hawaii.


A picture of all of us inside the church


Here we are striking an “aloha” pose outside the church

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