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Whew, what a weekend it has been. It seems like so much has happened since I was last here and yet I feel so tired, I don’t know how much I’ll get to write. But enough of my complaining, on with the show.

So Friday was the day that I went to the Men’s Retreat. It was also the day that I had to get fitted for the tux to wear to Mikey and Liz’s wedding (I’m not sure if I already mentioned that in a previous entry), it was also the day that UH got completely destroyed on the blue turf in Boise. Man that was one hard, depressing game to watch. Mikey and I were almost at tears (you know, if real men cried). Anyway, after watching the game Mikey and I headed off towards Camp Homelani and the Men’s Retreat.

When we got there (after a brief stop to pick up dinner and other essentials) I was surprised at how many men there were. I mean it’s not like I thought it would be empty, but there were men there than I anticipated. I was supposed to play drums on the first night but Bodie was already on the drums and I didn’t have the heart to kick him off so I let him play. I’m not sure if it was the correct move because drums are super important during worship. They can either help the worship experience or pull away from it. To me, they were sort of distracting because I know what I’m listening to and sometimes musicianship does play a part in worship. I know this sounds shallow but sometimes an “off” instrument can be really distracting. So anyway, I let him play and did my best to worship. After all, it’s not about me anyway. God is still God no matter who plays the drums. Pastor Mike Kai from Hope Chapel West Oahu did the preaching on the first night. He was really good, he talked about the life of David and the lessons to be learned both from his victories and his failures. Then he did something that I never thought I’d see from him. At the conclusion of the message he asked if anyone wanted prayer for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was in shock. Let me back up and say that I was one of his youth leaders when he was the Youth Pastor at our church and I had never seen him do anything like that when he was in Kaneohe so this was kind of a surprise. Anyway, the Spirit sure was moving and a bunch of guys raised their hands. I know he was kind of surprised by the response and so he asked some of us to pray with people. I had the same experience at a youth camp a few years ago. I asked if anyone wanted to pray and receive tongues and like three quarters of the group came up. That night was really great though, I remember just ministering with my friends and being able to pray with some of the youth including my sister to receive tongues. But anyway, I got to pray with some of the men, so that was cool. Afterwards Mikey and I got to hang out with Mike. It was like old times. I kind of miss those old times. Oh well, I know God has something better for me and that I get to create new “old times” with my leaders and friends.

The next morning was also good (despite Mikey’s snoring), Mike spoke again this time about the 11 things that will disqualify a priest. It was really cool the way he made it apply to today. That may be the most I have ever gotten out of Leviticus. Free time was really fun. I played a little basketball (very little since I didn’t have shoes) and some softball. I never realized how much fun softball is. I had a complete blast. I hope I can get a singles team together to play next spring. That would be so much fun.

I a side note I forgot to mention this earlier, since Halloween is tonight, last week someone donated a bunch of candy to the church. By a bunch, I mean seven pallets of the stuff. Much of that candy made it to the retreat. It was incredible. Like a store. More specifically the candy aisle. There was like 20 feet of solid snacks. Not just candy either, there was pretzels, chips, cookies, nutri-bars, apples, bananas, grapes and a whole boat load of candy. Today, since it was the last day it was like leftovers at a party. Everyone was making plates to take home. Funniest thing to see a bunch of grown men carrying plates of candy.

Anyway the last night of camp Pastor Mark Hsi from Hope Chapel Manoa spoke. He was also very good. It was funny because he has such a different style than Mike Kai but they are both very effective in conveying the message. Mark spoke on rousing the warrior. He is a pretty intense guy and he knows so much. It is really evident in his messages. He knows his Scripture so well and he also has such a grasp of current and world events. It is amazing to hear him put it all together. He also ushered in the Spirit in a way that I don’t think most of the men there had ever experienced.

After he was done, it was the campfire. Earlier this month, Rob asked me to speak at the campfire. I thought sure no problem. What he didn’t tell me was that I would be following Mark. Basically my introduction from Rob went something like this, “Well, let’s thank Mark for that message. You know, I have probably heard thousands of sermons in my life and I have to honestly say, of those thousands, Mark delivered the best sermon I have ever heard in my life. Now, let’s go to the campfire. I’ve asked Scott to share with you guys.” Talk about a set-up! Sheesh, how was I supposed to follow that? Actually, it was okay because I had prayed and prepared too. I know I was being obedient to God and there really wasn’t any problem. I wasn’t nervous or anything even though it was the first time I really led anything with people that were so much older than me. God even gave me a word to deliver to this other man. At first I thought it wasn’t anything, until I heard what it meant to him. Man, I gotta just start trusting more. All in all, God is still God and he is still very good to me.

This morning I did play the drums. I hadn’t played drums in awhile but I did have lots of fun. I just hope it was worshipful and I wasn’t the one being distracting. But then Mikey had to leave for work and since I was his ride home, we left right after worship. So today was pretty relaxful. I just put away my tent and sleeping bag and went to dinner at my mom’s. Everyone came over for poker and I was the first one out again. Man, I just can’t get decent cards then even when I do, someone else has better cards. Didn’t win one hand tonight. Maybe God’s trying to teach me a lesson. Well tomorrow I gotta speak at our Single’s service so I need to finish preparing for that. I’m excited because I think God’s got a good word for everyone and Frank agreed to play drums too. Ah, God is so good!

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Believing is Seeing

Yesterday was a rather non-eventful day. Not too much to write about there. Just your standard, usual, routine Thursday. And then there was MiniChurch. You know, the more I think about it, I really like my MiniChurch. It’s going to be sad when we grow to a size that needs to split (hopefully in the next 6 months). Last night Grant, Dustin and George came. Our girls, who just got back from London, were either really tired or going to the women’s worship night (or so they claimed). But anyway, I had Grant and Dustin bring their guitars over so they all helped play worship with me. Ahhh, music is so universal. Oddly enough, Dustin and George had a very nice conversation pertaining to Macintoshes and various video editing programs. I was completely lost by it but they both seemed to know what each other was talking about. Isn’t it interesting how two people from very different backgrounds can still find something to relate to? They both speak Nerd (Dustin prefers AV Geek).

But during MiniChurch we started talking about knowing something and believing something. It’s easy to know something but it’s much harder to believe it to the point of it changing your life. I can know that God has a promise for me, but unless I believe it, it won’t change my life. As those Pentecostals are fond of saying, it’s the difference between information and revelation. We also talked about changing our perspectives. I’ve been meditating on the beatitudes specifically “blessed are those who are pure in heart for they shall see God.” I’m not sure of the exact Scripture reference but it’s somewhere in Matthew 5 (verse 6 maybe?). You can look it up if you’re so inclined. But as I was saying. I want to be pure in heart and be able to see God in everything I do and see. I don’t think that Jesus meant that the pure in heart would see God in a physical manifestation (although that would be cool if he did mean that), I think he meant that the pure in heart can “see” God in all things. That’s what I want.

After that we sort of hung out and played more music together. Then everyone went home. On another note, Keao was online last night and I ended up talking to her for a few hours. Interesting girl that Keao. Just between you and me, I notice that the world she lives in is completely different than the world I live in. She sees things differently than me. Must be because she’s OI. Maybe I’ll go into more detail later.

Today is Men’s Retreat so I’ll be gone for the next couple of days. I pray that the girls’ overnighter goes well and they get to know each other better. It’s a good start to a more unified Ignite. Pray for me, I need to play drums (hee hee, they must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel if I have to play drums), speak at the campfire, lead worship on Monday night and then also speak that Monday night, in addition to my rough draft of the senior thesis that’s due on Monday. Oh well, here’s where you rely on God. But seriously, I wouldn’t mind being covered in prayer. So, until Sunday night sometime…

(UH v. Boise St., 2:00pm HST, ESPN2)

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You know some days I really enjoy my job. Sure like any job there are the tough days and the days that frustrate you so much that you want to quit, but then days like today come along and make it all worthwhile. Here’s a tip I learned from our Women’s Pastor Tisha Lehfeldt: when things are going really good, write down what God is doing in your life so you can read it later when things aren’t going well. That way you have a reminder of the goodness of God. So if things are going really good, thank God and write down what he’s doing. Sometimes we need those little reminders of the faithfulness of God.

So anyway, today started like a normal Wednesday. I got up at the usual time and made it to work on time. We had our regular staff discipleship meeting/worship time. It was actually really good because we got to break up in small groups and pray for each other (how many jobs force you to do that every week?). This week my group was Russ and Mikey. It was really great being able to just talk to them and pray for them and then receive prayer from them. Then after that, since today is Jenny’s birthday we took her out to lunch (Russ, Mikey, Gabe and I) at Quizno’s. I know, that’s not the fanciest lunch but hey, when you only have an hour and you plan last minute, that’s what you get. I hope she had a good time. She talks almost as much as Gabe so you can never be too sure.

After lunch I really wanted to do some work but apparently Road Runner was doing some maintenance so the internet went down and I couldn’t work on those emails that I wanted to. So I took Mikey to Longs to buy some candy and tried to do other work. As I was walking around campus I did notice that little Tiana got braces today. She seemed okay with them but I had a hard time making her smile. I practically had to pry her mouth open with my hands to see them. Maybe she didn’t want me to see them. I couldn’t tell, silly girl.

After that there was a funeral for Erin’s mother. Normally funerals are pretty sad because everyone misses that person and there is much crying. Plus, it’s always scary because you never know how you’ll react in a funeral too. It’s a good thing that when Keao sat next to me I warned her not to cry (you know, just in case it caused my eyes to start sweating). I was actually very impressed at how she held herself together. But back to the funeral. You know how when you go to a Christian funeral everyone talks about it being a celebration of life rather than a remembrance of death. This was the first time that I actually felt that it was the former rather than the latter. I mean there were time when I did feel the tug at the ol’ heartstrings, but by and large, it really was a celebration of life. I did not feel gloomy or depressed when I walked out of there, rather I wished I had known Erin’s mom because she seemed like such a remarkable, compassionate woman. It is odd that I have known the Bryant children for over fifteen years and for some reason I must have never met their mom. Come to think of it I don’t think I met their dad until a couple of years ago too.

After the funeral the line to talk to the family was rather long and slow moving so I decided to go outside and hang out for a bit. I was surprised when I saw Erin come outside too. She said she couldn’t stand to be in there any longer. I remember feeling the same way at my dad’s funeral. It’s not that I didn’t want to be there, more I didn’t really want to talk to people. They were mostly strangers who knew my dad either from work or growing up (I was astonished at how many people showed up and said they knew my dad from grade school time). I know it’s a formality and everyone wants to pay thier respects but the most brutal combination must have been the hug with the rub on the back and the question, “how are you guys doing?” I know they all mean well, but I almost lost it more than once. So I say all that because I can kind of relate to what it’s like having to be in a line with everyone offering their condolences. So anyway, after seeing Erin I sneaked back in and gave a hug to Tab, Josh and Charity. I really wanted to ask how they were doing but I remembered my own experiences and refrained.

After that whole ordeal, I tried to catch the ninth inning of game 4 of the World Series. But by the time I found a television it was too late, the Sox had already won. I can’t believe the Sox swept the Cards. That’s incredible. I mean I know they were favored and they’re a good team, but to sweep another team (the team with the best record in the majors no less) is almost unbelievable. Then Keao and Ron were hanging out in my office for a bit before I had to go to a dinner meeting wit Peter.

So we were all in my office and I was trying to send out a personal email to all the nice people in Ignite. I’m not sure what Keao and Ron were talking about because I was diligently working on my own thing. After I finished we watched a little Homestarrunner and some Rex Navarette and also discussed the “half plus seven rule” as it applied to me (according to the rule, I can date a 21 year-old) and Stacia. Then it was time to go to dinner. Normally Keao goes to Tae Kwan Do but I suspect because of the funeral she wouldn’t make it in time so she skipped. I had to go to dinner so I invited Ron and Keao to come along. I normally hang out with Gabe on Wednesday nights so he also came along. Ron, on the other hand had things to do so he politely declined. There is a funny story in all of this, but I’ll tell it some other time. I’m awfully tired right now and Smee just started chatting with me because she needs some definitions for some Hawaiian words and she doesn’t have a dictionary and I do. Lucky me.

So along the way into town (we ate at Wisteria) there was a long discussion about who everyone was checking out. Gabe, of course, totally likes someone but he wouldn’t reveal it to Keao (of course, I already know). Then Keao didn’t want to play this game anymore. Too bad. I was really curious and besides no one is tighter lipped than me (and Gabe). We got to Wisteria and met Peter. Man, that place isn’t what it used to be. The food was okay. I didn’t think it was great, but it wasn’t the worst I’ve had either. Of course having gone to Japan for the last four years will spoil you. Nothing beats the food there. We had a nice dinner with good random conversations. Reuben, who works there, showed up during the course of our meal. That was a miscalculation on my part. I wanted to surprise Reuben by just showing up at his place on employment but the surprise was on me since he had worked during the day and had the night off. I called him and he came by anyway. So we had some more nice conversation and we discussed God and faith and miracles and praying for people. I like those conversations. Reuben said the great miracles of the past no longer happen today (or at least he has never seen them). I disagreed and that’s how the whole thing started. I can’t wait for God to really move in his life and show him some cool things. It’s neat to see someone so hungry for God. I think we just need to come along side him and keep coaching, encouraging and guiding him along. He will do some serious damage for the kingdom one day. Praise God for guys like Reuben.

After dinner we kept talking until Gabe let it be known that it was time to go home. So since we always listen to Gabe, everyone left. On the ride home we had much of the same conversation as the ride to dinner. Once again, no one wanted to relinquish any information regarding the opposite gender lest that information be used against that person. Too bad since Gabe and I pretty much don’t keep secrets from each other. I guess it was only Keao. If she just would trust us a little more we probably could’ve gotten something good.

Classic line of the night…
Keao: it takes years to build up that kind of trust.
Gabe: well then, I guess we won’t be close friends.

Does it get put any better than that?

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So after diligently journaling for almost around two weeks now, I have come up with a conclusion. Journaling=tired. It seems that every time I journal I am tired. I’m not sure if it’s the journaling that is making me tired or if I am already tired and then I start journaling. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out.

Despite the journal heading above, today is really Tuesday. I thought about journaling yesterday but as I previously mentioned, journaling=tired. I think it saps all the strength out of me or something. It could possibly have something to do with my poor sleeping habits. Allow me to explain. Since my waking schedule changes throughout the week with very little consistency, my sleeping patterns also change…sort of. On a normal night I can usually fall asleep around midnight. So far so good. However on Sundays I need to be at church so I try to wake up around 8:00am or so. On Mondays, I can sleep in until whenever so I don’t really care (more on this later). Every other Tuesday is an early wake up (hopefully by 7:30pm) and then a later wake up (maybe an hour later). Wednesdays are like the early Tuesdays and Thursdays are like the late Tuesdays. Fridays are like Mondays and Saturdays vary greatly depending on what’s going on Saturday morning or if there’s a good college football game that I want to watch. Got it?

So yesterday being Monday allowed me to sleep in late. Not being one to squander a good deal, I slept in to 1:00p! I had 11 hours of sleep. It was almost half the day. It truly was a great night’s rest and I even had a cool dream about going to an NFL training camp and being afraid of running. The problem was that there was a prayer rally at the Capitol this morning and I got volunteered (well, Jaclyn asked me really nicely) to lead worship. That meant that I had to be at the Capitol at 5:30am. But, since I slept for 11 hours the previous night I could not fall asleep last night at any decent hour. Therefore, on Sunday night I had like 11 hours of sleep and on Monday night I had 4. That brings me to my conclusion about being tired every time I journal.

The prayer rally was pretty cool. I heard that they were expecting 3000 (not a typo) people to show up. I counted from the stage around 150. I wonder who set that line wrong. That a fairly large margin of error on that one. It was probably for the better though since leading 150 into worship is probably a little more calming to me than leading 3k. I also way over prepared. I had like half an hour’s music worth to play and I ended up playing like four songs! I should’ve asked “Gray Cow” to play because she probably knows 4 songs. Wait, I did ask her, but she declined. At least she declined, the other singer girl Nikki was supposed to show up and didn’t so only me and Mikey sang and played (our drummer also bailed). It’s all good though. I already voted.

But now I sit here in the Hamilton library with a massive headache and I’m really tired. I want to go home. Too bad I told Sharyn I’d give her a ride home. If I hadn’t made such a foolish promise, I’d be at home already. Well her class ends in fifteen minutes so I guess I’ll start packing up. Until then.

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Yawn, what a long day today was. I can’t believe that it’s almost two in the morning and I’m still up…and I haven’t even taken a shower yet. Grrrr, this journaling stuff. Well at least I get points for being somewhat disciplined and continuing to write even though I’m tired.

Today started like almost every Sunday. Usually every Sunday my goal is to make it to church by the break and chat with people. Check, did that sort of. I made it to church while the break was still going on so I suppose that still counts even though I didn’t get there exactly when the break started. Anyway, when I got to church I started chatting to some people that I knew and I saw Sally in the Women of Hope tent. Normally I like to hang around that area because you know, plenty of women congregate in that area (just kidding). But when service started apparently Sally had to teach Sunday School and she wanted me to cover. I kid you not! I was like, “what the? I can’t cover, I’m not a girl (despite what you read in Keao’s journal), sometimes I can’t even tell them apart from boys.” Then oddly enough there was this kid that walked by, probably about 3 or 4 maybe and Sharyn and Becky started waving to it. Sure enough just to prove my point, I had to ask if it was a boy or a girl. They all looked horrified that I would even ask such a question, but the kid had glasses and mullet looking haircut so it really was hard to tell. Church remained fairly uneventful until I saw this other baby whose diaper was apparently too full start peeing through her diaper. It was really gross. The pee was running down her leg and onto her mom who was carrying her at the time. Pretty much if there were some sort of deterrent that keeps me from having kids (other than not having a child-bearing partner) that was it.

After church I took Jenny and Becky to watch Gabe (and Russell and Jon and Cory) play soccer at the Waipio soccer complex. I had never been there before and I wanted to see it. It’s right past the Ted Makalena golf course so I knew the area, I just hadn’t gone that far before. Of course, whenever I’m in Waipahu I usually like to eat at either Tanioka’s or Thelma’s. Today I opted for Thelma’s since I had Tanioka’s on Friday. After hyping up the pork adobo fried rice omelette to everyone I was sorely disappointed at how it came out. It wasn’t nearly as good as I remember. Luckily the soccer game went pretty well so I forgot about how crappy the food was. The game ended in a 2-2 tie but that wasn’t important. The important thing was that I got to see Gabe play. That man is an animal. I have never seen Gabe so competitive before. He was running really fast and kicking hard and at one point he even shoved this guy down when they were both going for the ball. He didn’t just nudge the guy, he actually made the guy leave his feet a la West Kiliikipi from last night. When Gabe came out of the game I tried to convince him that if he scored a goal he should take off his jersey and twirl it over his head like a lasso. Well, what do you know? Gabe really scored a goal when the ball deflected off his hip and dribbled into the goal. But did Gabe hold up on his end and rip off his jersey? Of course he did! You know Gabe. Actually you apparently don’t know Gabe if you believe that. He did nothing. Not even some sort of victory dance. What a disappointment.

After the game I came home in time to watch the end of the Red Sox/Cardinals game. Sea Biscuit must be pretty sad that his team is now 0-2 in the World Series. I also went over to the Bryant’s house after the game and checked on them. It was nice to see Josh, Tab, Charity and Erin all together again, it is just unfortunate that the circumstance in which they all got together again was such a bummer. They seemed to be doing okay though. We had a pretty good time there laughing and telling jokes and stories to each other. After that it was back to my house.

Sunday night at my house is usually poker night. It’s usually a closed game but recently more and more people show up to play. We’re going to have to close it again soon I think. It’s getting a little more crowded and we didn’t finish until a quarter to one. There were nine players tonight with seven on the table at once. I went out first so Danny took my spot and Reuben went out second so Tom took his spot. It sucks going out first in your own house. Sally and Nikki also came over so they could work on my bio (www.hopechapel.com). I like it, you can read the new bio later if you want. Keao also stuck around after going out third to play guitar. We tried to work on her strumming. Strumming is tough because I don’t really know how to teach it. It’s not like some sort of set pattern, it just kind of flows with the music so I was having a difficult time trying to teach her to strum. It’s more you just kind of got to go with it. But you really just have to keep playing with other people then slowly you’ll start to pick up their strum. Once you can mimic a good solid strum, the rest is fairly easy. You just have to make slight variations to that first strum. So my advice if you’re learning how to strum: play with other people as much as you can. Not only will it help you avoid bad habits, but you’ll be able to pick up their good habits too.

Wow, it’s really thundering and lightninging outside. I heard Charlie howling. I wonder if he’s scared. I wonder if there’s a storm coming in and if it will affect my attempts at surfing this week. I hope not. I’m never going to learn how to shred if I don’t get in the water. Very similar to the quote at the top of the page from one of my favorite gambling movies “Rounders”. Other good movies to watch include “the Sting”, “Maverick”, and “the Color of Money” (which teaches us that “money won is twice as sweet as money earned).

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First of all, since I am sure that today is the correct day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREK!!!

Okay, now that I have that out of the way, let’s begin shall we? So, why I like Saturdays: As I have mentioned, for those of you bothering to keep up, Saturdays during the fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I got to sleep in late even though Kanani called because she couldn’t find the trail that led to the Makapuu tide pools. In retrospect it didn’t really matter since I didn’t even hear my phone ring and I didn’t receive her message until some three hours later.

So reason #1: I usually get to sleep in late. Last night five of us watched “The Nightmare Before Christmas” after church so I didn’t get home until later. Therefore I slept in late. But since it was Saturday I could do anything I wanted.

Reason #2: There is college football on like five or six different stations! This morning I got to watch Boston College squeak out a victory over Notre Dame and there was another exciting finish on another channel but I can’t remember who played. Plus, on some Saturdays in the fall the University of Hawaii plays at home and I get to go watch.

Reason #3: Baseball playoffs/World Series. It was been a super exciting playoffs with the Dodgers making it in (even though they didn’t get past the first round) and the Red Sox/Yankees series was one of the most exciting ever. Today the World Series started between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals. This should also be an exciting series especially since Keao went to school in Boston and Sea Biscuit and Kellie are from Missouri. I’m hoping they make some kind of wager with high, embarrassing stakes.

I’m sure there are more reasons to love Saturdays but I just can’t think of too many more now. So stop pressuring me! Anyway, today I had to leave my house before I could see the outcome of Game 1 of the World Series because I had to watch UH football (the Red Sox won 11-9). So Kawakami and I went to Aloha Stadium. However, before we reached the stadium my friend Dustin called because he was already at the stadium. He was going to be in the halftime show and he was bored just waiting for the game to start. It was cool though because we got to hang out with Dustin (a self-proclaimed TV star) before he had to don the costume for halftime. Halftime was great. There was a mascot bowl in which all these different mascots played a game that is similar to football. I’m not sure that anyone won (or lost) I think it was just an excuse for grown men and women to play during halftime in silly costumes. Personally, I liked it.

Dustin did great doing whatever he was supposed to do. Maybe one day I’ll be cool like him. Oh and by the way, UH won 46-28 even though Ayat missed two PATs (I think he was trying to shave points, just kidding). Anyways, church tomorrow so I need to go to sleep.

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Holy Deja Vu Batman!

Do you ever get the feeling like you’re one day behind or one day ahead? Today, I thought I’d do something nice like wish Derek a happy birthday. The problem, however, is that Derek’s birthday wasn’t today, it is tomorrow. I don’t know how I made such a grievous mistake. I mean, it’s on my Outlook calendar and my Yahoo calendar and even my Palm Pilot! Basically I have no excuse for not knowing exactly when Derek’s birthday is. So I tried calling him this morning and it was a good thing he didn’t answer or I would have felt way more foolish then I already did. The voice mail message I left for him went something like this,”Happy birthday Derek! I hope you’re having a super good day. Ummmm, (at this point I realized I may be wrong about today being his birthday so I quickly tried to cover it up) unless today isn’t your birthday…if it isn’t your birthday please apply this birthday greeting to whenever your real birthday is (real smooth yeah?).” Then I hung up. Well wouldn’t you know, he calls back and kindly informs me that today isn’t his birthday but it’s tomorrow. That sucked. My only saving grace was that the present I ordered for him from Amazon came in today so it distracted him and I hastily changed the subject. I suppose I’ll try again tomorrow.

A few things have been on my mind today. First of all, one of my “newer” friends made an observation. I won’t reveal her name because I don’t want her to know that I’m writing about her, but I’ll give you a hint. Her name rhymes with “gray cow” or “say ow” or something like that. Anyway, a few weeks ago she observed that I live in my own world that has all these rules set up and I don’t tell anyone the rules. I just expect everyone to know them. I’ve been thinking about this lately and I’d have to say she is very correct. Now, I will also add that I believe to some extent or another, I believe that everyone lives in their own world too. I think that everyone has their own unspoken rules that is not clearly defined until you get to know them and you just sort of pick them up. It’s like when we play golf and someone is doing poorly. We try to push them as far to the edge as possible through our verbal assaults without pushing them over. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don’t. The point is by playing with the same guys over and over again it’s easy to tell what their particular point is. A newcomer may think we’re jerks by egging them on or a newcomer may not know the boundaries that we have set up and push them too far. I think it’s just something that comes with familiarity and comfortability.

With that said, I don’t think that I’m a real emotional guy. I don’t think that I’m a natural smiler or very expressive person. Therefore if you don’t know me very well you may think that I am not enjoying myself when I really am or that I am mad when I’m really not. I also think that this journal is a poor medium when it comes to conveying emotion. Case in point, last night I commented on Keao’s observation. Her observation didn’t bother me at all, but because she is still unfamiliar with me I think she took my reaction and rebuttal the wrong way. I am basing this on the fact that she called me at 11:30pm last night to apologize (in addition to the nice apologetic comment she also left on my Xanga site). I told her that it was totally unnecessary because I didn’t think she did anything wrong in the first place. Everyone is entitled to have observations. In that case I simply chose to ignore it because I saw the situation differently then she did. I don’t think that either of us is right or wrong. It just is what it is. So to sum up this entire paragraph, I think if you don’t know me, I can be a fairly difficult person to read, but if you hang around me enough you’ll find that most times (maybe 9 out of 10) you’ll be able to read me very easily.

On another note, I went to look at bikes this morning. The salesman at Honda in Waipahu wasn’t very helpful or friendly. I wouldn’t want to buy a bike from there just because of his personality. The guy at South Seas in Waipahu was super friendly. He didn’t try to really sell me anything. It seemed that he just wanted to help me. I really appreciate that. It’s like the guys at Dan’s Guitars on McCully. They’re so nice and helpful I always feel that I should buy something just because they’re so nice. So here’s a closing tip: be nice because you never know when it will pay off.

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That’s pride [expletive] with you. [Expletive] pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps.

That’s one of my favorite lines from the movie Pulp Fiction (although I have cleverly censored it lest I offend any of the two people that actually read my journal). Today I had lots of time to think about pride and how many times my own pride either gets me in trouble or keeps me from doing super fun things. I’ll give you a few examples so you know what I’m talking about.

So when I last attended my hula class the kumu (or teacher for those not hip with the ‘olelo) told us that today we would be making leis during class so bring about 16-18 ti leaves. Well last time we made leis I didn’t show up with any leaves because I was too lazy to go pick the laua’e (which grows at church) and the ti leaves (which grows in my backyard). So I showed up empty-handed and was forced to beg some nice girls for some of their leaves. Now, being the clever guy that I am, I picked the necessary leaves this morning and microwaved them and went to school. Here’s where the pride comes in. I didn’t want to walk around to my first couple of classes with the leaves so I left them in my car with the plan that I would fetch them later. So by the time I went to my car and got my leaves I was around five minutes late to class. To my horror (well it wasn’t that bad) no one was working on their leis. Had I missed a memo or something? So instead of sticking around, I just grabbed my leaves and left before anyone could see me because I didn’t want to show up for class with leaves if everyone else obviously knew that we weren’t supposed to have them.

Next example, so after school I decided to try surfing (again) in Waikiki with Keao and Kelly. I try surfing probably twice a year before I figure out that it’s not for me, then the next year I have all sorts of hope and decide that I want to try again. That was today. But I hate doing things that will make me look like a beginner. I just want to be good. So we’re on the boards paddling out and I have never been surfing at Waikiki before plus I don’t really know how to do it and Keao (bless her heart) is trying to encourage me and help me out. Of course that’s exactly what I don’t want because I’m so prideful. So I tried to fight her. Not physically because she’d kick my [expletive] more like trying to push her away because I want to do it on my own. Well that didn’t really work. Oh well, I did have a nice relaxing floating session (until it was time to go in). Maybe I’ll keep trying, just to try. Who knows, one of these years I may actually get the hang of it and have fun doing it.

On another note, while we were walking to the beach Kelly brought her board. Naturally I asked if I could help and carry her board. She politely declined my offer. Being the Japanese that I am I asked, “Sure? Are you sure?” Again she politely declined. By the time we finally got to the beach Keao observed that I didn’t carry Kelly’s board. I don’t get it. First of all, I did offer to carry her board more than once. Secondly, she did decline. Thirdly, I didn’t even want to carry her board, but I would have if she said okay. Here’s my gripe. What is the correct protocol? Kelly declined twice when she could have just as easily said okay. I’m not knocking Keao since she is free to make any observation she wants and besides everyone is entitled to their own wrong opinion. I just want to know what’s correct. Is there such thing as equal rights for women? If there is then she should carry her own board. If not then I should. But I believe that it should be clearly defined so I know how to proceed. The only girl that has ever told me that she flat out does not believe in equal rights is Cissy. She told me that if a guy doesn’t hold open the door then she ain’t walking through it. I admire that because at least I know what she expects. I don’t have to guess. I remember once in chemistry class my sophomore or junior year in high school this guy Chad summed it up perfectly. He said, “If any of you girls want equal rights come mow my lawn.” He got some looks and protests, but then at least he knew what the girls expected.

But enough of that, I have better things to complain about…like the University of Hawaii Athletic Department saying I can’t have a Manoa Maniac shirt because I didn’t sign up for one. I’m going to write a letter of complaint to them right now. I’ll let you know what becomes of it.

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Sox Win in 7

Wow what a day! My day started way too early today considering that I didn’t leave church last night until way after 12:30pm. We were working on our webpage last night because we had to get our bios up. Actually, I don’t think anyone else got their bios up but oh well, there’s something to be said about doing what you’re supposed to do and then doing it on time. Anyway, I thought every one was going to come to the meeting prepared and with their bios ready but I suppose I’m living in a dream world because when I got to the meeting pretty much no one had their bios ready. So instead of discussing important things like our next Monday night thing, I had to coax everyone to get busy and write their bios. Thank goodness Linda was there to work on the page. I think it looks great so if anyone wants to check out what we’ve been doing just go to http://www.hopechapel.com/ministry/singles/IGNITE_HOME.html. So we got up what we could and then Linda went home. Keao saw my guitar lying around and she’s just learning how to play so she wanted to play my guitar. Of course, I hate to discourage anyone that’s trying to learn a new skill so I let her play and tried to give her a few pointers (I can only hope she affords me the same grace when I try surfing). So by the time I left the church I was pretty licked.

This morning I took my car in to get its wheels aligned. Man, my car was pulling pretty hard to the left so I’m glad I took it in even though it I had to leave it there all day. Then on my way to church Tom called to tell me he was going to be late so I had to lead the worship part of discipleship this morning. That was pretty fun. Oh, when discipleship ended I got to do some work and check my email and stuff then Mikey, Gabe, Russ and I went to the mall. Mikey just started working at the church yesterday so it was our first post-discipleship lunch together. I wanted to go to the mall so I could vote today. I was trying to beat the rush, but it was still pretty crowded anyway. It’s funny how whenever you go to vote everyone asks who you voted for. I remember when voting used to be a private affair. I used to tell everyone that I was voting for Nader, but since he didn’t make it on our ballot I can’t use that excuse anymore.

The rest of my day was spent working on my webpage. Markiss was nice enough to get me a copy of Contribute so I could work on it on my own computer. Of course, Russ and I also had to listen to the Red Sox/Yankees game on the radio since we weren’t at home. So while I was waiting for my car to be finished I diligently worked on the webpage and listened to the game. I did manage to find a TV to watch the final out on. I am so glad the Sox beat the Yankees. I hate the Yankees.

So my car was finally finished and I had to pick it up at Firestone next to Time’s supermarket. Oddly enough they opened up a Smith’s Tae Kwon Do right next to the supermarket. Well, since we were in the neighborhood, Gabe (he took me to get my car) and I walked past the Tae Kwon Do place since I heard that Keao was going to be there. Since I’m Japanese and being a ninja is inherent to me I snuck past the place without Keao even noticing me. I figured that if she saw me she would have been all embarrassed and since I didn’t want to do that I figured I could get a sneaky glance. I’m not sure what I was looking at, but she looked pretty tough. I wouldn’t want to mess with that girl.

So now I’m at home super tired and watching Coming to America. I think it’s one of the funniest movies to come out of the 80’s. I ate dinner with Gabe and Dural since yesterday was Dural’s birthday. I also finished putting up the links on the webpage (it’s way faster at home for some reason). Well I guess I’m off to bed early tonight. I may go to the beach with Sea Biscuit and Keao tomorrow so I should get some rest. Ooh, I also have to pick some ti leaves tomorrow morning for hula class. Malia and Kara also left tonight for London. I’m so jealous. I hope they get home safely and bring me back something…

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Galatians 6:9

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

The Apostle Paul wrote these words to the church at Galatia almost two thousand years ago. It’s amazing how Biblical truths can completely withstand the test of time. Currently I am struggling heavily with this one. I know that God has a plan for me and that he will not give me more than I can handle, but sometimes I feel weary. For instance, God has really been teaching me about this very Scripture in the last few weeks. He told me to start washing all the dishes in the sink regardless of whether I used them or not. Now for me, a guy that is full of pride and sometimes laziness this is no easy task (especially when I did not make all of the dishes dirty in the first place and let’s be real here, aren’t we just going to use them again?). Anyway, I need to keep standing on God’s word and keep doing what he tells me to.

So last night I had dinner at my mom’s house with a Japanese exchange student. My sister apparently signed up to host a girl for one night that was coming to visit her school. It was a nice evening with lots of laughs and communication barriers. My sister’s friend Chris also came over because he signed up to host a girl too but they didn’t think it would be a good idea if a girl stayed at his house. Oddly enough, it turned out to be a moot point anyway since the girl he was supposed to be hosting had some issues with her passport and never made it out of the country. That kind of sucks for her. Anyway, it was a good night with lots of good food.

After dinner I went home for poker night (by the way, we’ve been doing this for like eight years so it’s not like we are jumping on the poker bandwagon, if anything they’re jumping on our bandwagon), I thought Keao was supposed to come but she made some lame excuse like grades are due or something. It was just as well though as I got licked again (all I kept catching was unsuited 2’s and 7’s). At least I went out in a blaze of glory getting beat on the river by a straight flush. Oh well, there’s always next week.

Today I didn’t have class since my professor is on the mainland. I also offered Krystie a ride home from school so I decided to go to the library and study. Of course how can you study when the playoffs are on and the Red Sox had another dramatic extra inning game. I didn’t actually see the game but I had the live updates from mlb.com so I guess it was just as well. I did, however, have the chance to hear the Astros win it in the bottom of the ninth on a Jeff Kent homer while I was in my car. But, I also felt a little creative so I made a banner for my Ignite emails too (see it wasn’t a complete waste of time in the library). This is what it looks like:

Then I was going to go to Mikey’s house to play poker with Tom, Danny and Trevor but Maile came over. I hadn’t seen Maile in a few months and her daughter is so cute so of course I had to stay home for a bit. They needed a CD copied and she didn’t know how to do that. Plus they brought me dinner too so I suppose I can’t complain too much. It was nice seeing Maile and Melia again. I hope I can be better friends with Melia. I think I am making some steps though. At least she hugs me good-bye now. Before she refused to even do that.

By the time I got to Mikey’s they had already started playing. I felt bad playing with Trevor and Danny. Trevor is a complete beginner and Danny knows what he is doing but sometimes you can catch him. I ended up winning tonight so last night’s sting isn’t so bad. I actually ended up being the big winner. Man, if only I could catch the kinds of cards I had tonight every night I would be in super good shape.

After everyone left I got to chat with Mikey for a bit. He’s starting a new job tomorrow being the Assistant Youth Pastor (congratulations Mikey) so he’s pretty stoked. He’ll do well. He knows what he is doing and he’s been a volunteer for so long everything should be second nature already. Then there was a slight pause in the conversation and he broke into another topic. He starting talking about his pre-marital counseling and listing the major events in his life. Then, and I’m not sure how it relates, he asked me to be the best man at his wedding! Talk about pressure. I didn’t know what to say. It’s a big responsibility. I mean, I don’t know where to find stag films and strippers (just kidding). But really I’ve never had to plan a bachelor’s party or anything so I really don’t know what to do. On the other hand, he is trusting me with a microphone and I do know tons of stories, so that part should be fun. Well, it’s late and I’m tired and I still need to meditate on the aforementioned verse so I’m out.

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