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Tastes Like Chicken

You always think that chickens are such mild-mannered, docile birds, but left to their own devices, they are cold-blooded killers.  Yesterday, I came outside to see my sweet, peace-loving chickens tearing apart a small bird they killed.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a short video as proof.

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Even though I have lived in Hawaiʻi my whole life, like so many locals, there are many things that are published in the tourist books that I have never done. I have never been to Mānoa Falls, I hiked Diamond Head only once in my life in elementary school and I didn’t visit the Arizona Memorial until college.

Last night, I crossed off Friday night fireworks at the Hilton Hawaiian Village off my list.

Keao and I had a rare Friday night off so we headed to Waikīkī with the girls to see the festivities.

When we got there two things surprised me. One, it was really crowded with both locals and tourists and two, we were really close to the fireworks.

For the price (free), it was a great show. I read online that some people thought it was too short but really for a free show what do you expect? Truthfully I didn’t think it was short at all but then again Slugger got scared by the big booms so I know it was definitely long enough for her.

20130713-123938.jpgAround the lagoon waiting for the show to start

20130713-123958.jpgSlugger would not stand still for a picture

A 20 second sampling of the fireworks

All in all, it was a very nice evening. There was plenty of seating at the lagoon and except for the two dollars I paid for parking, the price was great! It was a perfect way to spend a Friday evening.

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Wow, has it really been over a year and a half since I’ve blogged anything? It’s not for a lack of content I tell ya, it has been sheer laziness on my part. In future posts I’ll try to get you caught up but for now I will tell you about my day.

Today, for the first time, I got to attend a Marine retirement ceremony. I always knew it was a big deal but I definitely didn’t realize what a big deal it was.

My good friend Vic retired after 22 years of service and when they have a ceremony, they do it right. There were a whole bunch of people on the grounds including a marching band. You read that right, a marching band! It felt like I was at Disneyland…well if Disneyland were located on a Marine base.  When I retire I hope there is a parade in my honor too.

It was a short but nice ceremony. They even brought up Vic’s wife, AnnMarie, to present her with a small token of appreciation. As a very classy touch, they even presented Vic’s daughter with a bouquet of flowers as well.

20130711-235326.jpgAnnMarie being presented with a small certificate

20130712-161145.jpgThe marching band

20130712-161207.jpgThe color guard

20130712-161225.jpgVic addressing everyone one last time

Thank you Vic for your dedication and service to our country.  I know that God has big plans for you and we’re praying for you and wish you well!

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