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Well it’s been ages since I have last written (but not for a lack of interesting subject material). So much has happened in the last three weeks or so, so I’ll just give you a brief rundown starting in a somewhat reverse chronological order.

Let’s see, yesterday Mikey and Liz got married. That’s a pretty big deal. Almost equally important was the last day of instruction in the University of Hawaii system. Hopefully, God willing, it will be the last day of instruction for me for a very long time (well at least until the Spring semester, just kidding).

Okay, screw the reverse chronological order thing. I can’t think past yesterday. So I just need to write the random events that come to mind as they appear there.

Monday I turned in my final History paper. I ended up writing it mostly on Monday (5 pages on Sunday, the other 15 on Monday) only to find out that it’s not due until today. Grrrrr! It’s actually okay though since I’m over stressing about it.

Charlie got his tail cut off after severely injuring it. But he’s okay now. It’s not like he has a stump or anything. So it’s all good.

UH played the most inspired games I have seen yet and won two really exciting shootouts.

Speaking of inspired. I danced one inspired hula on stage for the first and in all likelihood last time.

Okay, I’m done with my random thought. Who knew it would be so tiring thinking back that far?

Well in closing (maybe I’ll write later), I’ll leave this one final piece of advice given to me by Danny Doyal (partly in response to Keao’s journal): “mixed signals are no signals” or to put it another way, he’s really not that into you.

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