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So anyway, we need to write a paper for every class that we miss and therefore I wasn’t too thrilled about missing all those classes. However, a month ago, we planned an Ignite leaders outing for dinner. But wouldn’t you know, it was on a Tuesday night, a normal class night. Since I already have to miss every Thursday, I didn’t even want to go eat dinner with my leaders. However, I felt that I should suck it up and go to dinner since I had already committed to it.

I didn’t tell my class administrator that I was going to miss class since I had just told him the week before that I was going to miss every Thursday. My class administrator is a jolly fellow named Uncle Raoul. I felt so bad about calling him and telling him that I would miss class that I tried to call other people first. The first call I tried went to Mikey to relay the message of my absence. But wouldn’t you know it, he didn’t answer. So I tried to call a guy in my class named Junyah. Again, no answer on his cell or home number. By this time I was getting desparate so I tried calling Aunty Deidre, Uncle Raoul’s wife. Again, no answer. I even tried calling Ted, who is in year 4, but he couldn’t be sure that he was going to class. So I really panicked and called Uncle Raoul. Of course, he’s the only one who answered the phone, so I had to give him my sob story of why I was missing class to go to a dinner. It was cool though and he didn’t mind.

Fast forward to after dinner. We’re walking out of Buca di Beppo at Ward and everyone wanted to get dessert. There’s a Coldstone creamery right around the corner. So that’s where everyone wanted to go. As soon as I turned the corner I saw none other than Pastor Russ and Pastor Mari. They are the pastors of Ted’s church, the Ark, and they are the ones who oversee the Bible College. I tell you my heart stopped and I hastily turned around. Of course none of the other Ignite leaders understood why I turned around and started walking the other way. They actually started yelling, “hey Scott where are you going? The ice cream place is this way!” By then pastors looked up and noticed me. Of all the people that I didn’t want to see, it was Ted’s pastors. Talk about busted. I was toast. They look at me and smile, a smile only a pastor can give. It was a smile that says, “you’re busted pal!” Augh! I sheepishly smiled back and said, “Hey Pastor Russ and Pastor Mari, fancy seeing you here.” Of course, they knew I was supposed to be in class and they just wanted to prolong my agony. They asked where we came from and what we were doing. I introduced them to all the college leaders and they said, “Isn’t it funny the way God has angels unaware you and how he has a great sense of humor?” I think I muttered some affirmative and tried to get the hell out of Dodge. They kept looking at me and kept dying inside. When we left, Pastor Mari remarked, “You know Scott, I can be bought…” Whatever that meant…

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