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Halloween, a holiday based on trying to get as much candy as you can all the while dressing up so no one can see what a greedy glutton you are. The more I think about it, the more I think Halloween is really for sneaky freeloaders. I mean, it’s not like Christmas where you’re expected to give a gift in return when someone gives you a gift. You really don’t need to do anything at all (except maybe dress up and really, you don’t even need to do that all the time) to get candy except say the magic phrase, “trick or treat”. Of course there is a chance that you may tricked, but in my thirty some-odd years of life, I have never seen a trick played out on someone, so I would say your chances of getting candy are pretty good.

This year, since Halloween fell on a Friday night we decided to come to church in costume and then go bowling in costume. Unfortunately for us, some people are lame and not everyone dressed up. The bowling part was really fun though. It was neat to see people roll balls down the lanes in costume. Here are some pictures from the night:

I guess if you’re not really Japanese this is the next best thing (Tricia and Keao)

John is God’s gift to women and Tiffany happens to be a woman (I wonder if she enjoyed the gift?)

Kelli, the forest queen, with her Jack ‘o Lantern, Rob

Angry Grant, James dressed up as who-knows-what and Jasen didn’t even try

It’s a little early, but here’s Mrs. Dina Claus and Mr. George Claus

Here’s Markis on his high horse and Rob and Kelli again

Joy, the sunburned tourist, is sitting next to Matt (but I keep forgetting who he’s supposed to be)

Finally here I am with my costume that I bought from a street vendor next to Battery Park in New York and some radio DJ dressed as Mayor Hannemann

Overall, it was a great night at Aiea Bowl. The costumes were fun and the bowling was even better. Next year we’ll see if we can get even more people to dress out.

To view the rest of the pictures from the night click here.


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