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So today we had a basketball day for our sports ministry. I’ll write more about it later when I get the pictures. But amusing thing that happened today was the aggressive play of one Kevin Stem (I’ll put his real name here so you know where to direct the hate mail). Now, all of us like to play and we all love to win, but sometimes you can just go too far.

I was passing the ball to Jenny, my teammate, when mean Kevin came in and decided that he was going to try to steal it no matter who was trying to catch it. In fact, he didn’t even come up with the steal. I think he wasn’t even trying for the ball. I think he was just trying to hurt Jenny. The proof is in the pudding. Watch as Kevin slams his sweaty body into Jenny and then notice that Jenny is standing there with her hands on her head in pain as Kevin merely stands there and laughs.

Mean Kevin clobbering Jenny

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Today I think we turned a corner. Usually whenever we do a motorcycle ride at church we normally have only one type of bike…Japanese. You know, Kawasakis, Yamahas, Suzukis and Hondas. Today, though, we had something different. For the first time at one of our rides we had something American…the iconic Harley-Davidson.

Actually the one on the far right is a Honda

This was actually a really fun ride. It sounded completely different from our other rides. Most street bikes have a nice engine sound that is higher pitched, there is, however, no mistaking the low-growl of a Harley.

As we headed out from church we went up H-3 and traveled to Haleiwa via Kunia Road. It’s not the most senic ride, but Kunia Road mixed it up nicely. The weather was perfect (not too hot and not too cold) and the ride went really smoothly.

We actually had two new people so the company was great too. Carole brought her friend Jenny and Josh brought his friend Luke (they accounted for the Harleys). It took us around 50 minutes to get to Haleiwa and we stopped for a nice breakfast at Breaker’s. It was good but the food took forever to come out.

Fun on two wheels!

Josh and I then traded bikes and headed home. Josh’s bike is the yellow one behind mine in the picture above. I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s a ’89 V-twin with an R6 front end. It’s kind of a beast. It has a lot of torque and it sounds great. It’s also a little thinner so it’s easier to lean into the curves (“it wants to lean,” says Josh). It also doesn’t have any padding on the seat so it was like sitting on a hard board. Man, I felt every little bump all the way from Haleiwa to Kahana Valley.

Carole, me, Josh and Luke at Kahana Valley

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ride. Next time you should come and join us!

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Privacy Please!

A few years ago, Russell and I went to a conference in Orlando, Florida. We didn’t stay at the convention site because we made the decision to go too late to still get a good rate at the hotel so instead we stayed across the street at a Holiday Inn or something like that. Well everyday that we slept in too late (as deemed by our maid) she would knock once and then let herself in. Then she would mumble something about sleeping in too late while she opened the curtains to let some light in and ensure that we would wake up.

Well after a few days of this we decided to do something about it. Of course our ghetto hotel didn’t have one of those “do not disturb” door hangers so we had to swipe one from our friends the Hoopers that were staying at the Sheraton. Although she never questioned where we got the “Privacy Please” door hanger it seemed to do the trick as the maid never bothered us while we were sleeping for the rest of the trip.

Russell, me and Lesa and Don Hooper in 2005

Fast forward to Friday, May 9, 2008. I’ve been having this problem with my left-eye so I’ve been having to use these medicated drops. Well, I get my prescriptions filled at Longs you know how they have that little line that’s supposed to give their clients privacy? Well, let’s just say it doesn’t always work. Actually, let me take that back. It sort of works if you’re trying to see someone’s prescriptions, it doesn’t work, however with auditory privacy.

As I was standing in line (behind the privacy line mind you) I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation going on at the counter. There was this old man trying to get a prescription filled that was supposedly called in by his doctor. Unfortunately for him Longs only holds prescriptions for seven days and they couldn’t find his prescription.

The nice lady at the counter was doing her best trying to find his medicine but she couldn’t find it. She tried all the usuals, who’s your doctor, when was it called in and so on. Finally she asked the all important question, what’s it for?

I think this is what that privacy line is for. As she asked him for a description he kind of hung is head down and mumbled his answer. Of course, she couldn’t hear him (or understand him) and so he said a little too loudly, “ANAL IRRITATION”. I felt so bad for him. It’s bad enough that you have anal irritation but to add insult to injury you have to say it really loudly so the world can hear and then they don’t even have your medication. Now you’re embarrassed and still suffering. I think they should have a whole privacy box so that not only can you not be seen but you can’t be heard either.

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Saw this video on ebaums, made me think of Kawika and his soccer loving ways. Plus it’s only 18 seconds long so it fit with my short attention span.

Who knew soccer could be so dangerous?

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Ahh, May 5th. For most of us growing up in Hawaii, we know this day as Boy’s Day (now changed to Children’s day). However, for some of our other friends on the continent this day is Cinco de Mayo (which cleverly enough means the “fifth of May”). On this day some 100+ years ago, something significant happened in Mexico’s history. You can read about it here. Nowadays it’s primarily a day to go to a Mexican restaurant and drink margaritas. Of course if we’re going to any Mexican restaurant we have to go to Dina’s La Bamba.

Actually, Dina asked me early in the month if I wanted to come and bring some friends, little did she know that “some friends” turned into 20 of us. Now, La Bamba isn’t that big so it was kind of a madhouse. But once we all got seated and got our orders in everything was fine.

Personally, I really like the food at La Bamba. Generally I’m not really too much of a Mexican fan, but for some reason I really enjoy their food. I think it’s because their specialty is take-out. If you don’t believe me you can check out one of their menus. Lately I’ve been ordering the butaquito. It’s a flour tortilla deep-fried and filled with some sort of meat (or vegetable filling).

Dural also likes the butaquito, this one is his

I guess because it was Cinco de Mayo the place was packed. I mean packed! There was a line outside that didn’t move until after we left. I swear there were people there that were waiting before we got there and they were still outside after we left! I guess the only redeeming thing is that La Bamba doesn’t sell any alcohol so you’re allowed to bring your own. I think those poor people must have finished an entire 24 pack before they even got inside.

Jasen, Jenny, Keao and Keidi were all smiles (I think it’s the guacamole on the table)

Poor Dina worked so hard. I felt so bad for her. She was scrambling to find everyone tables and chairs whilst waiting tables and trying to keep a smile on her face. What made it even harder was that most of our party knew her name and therefore would ask her for things instead of waiting their turn. Overall though I thought she did a very good job keeping her sanity and wits about her.

Kevin, Dina, me and Jenny (again)

See I told you she was cheerful. Here’s a shot of the rest of our group. I know the picture doesn’t do it justice, but man, it got loud. I mean really loud. I know that some people are loud by nature, but there were times when we could hardly hear ourselves think!

The rest of our festive party

And of course a big CONGRATULATIONS are in order to Cassandra and Deroy. They are the proud parents of brand-new twin girls! Keao and I are aunty and uncle again. The older one is named Cheyenne and the younger one (by three minutes) is named Cheyne. They are girls number 4 and 5 so now they can start their own women’s basketball team (you can view their pictures on Keao’s blog as soon as she puts them up)

So as we were waiting in the room for the babies to arrive, Deroy noticed that there weren’t that many chairs. So of course, he asked the nurse for an extra chair. She told him to go to room 325 and check there. So he left and we went about our usual business. A few minutes later we all heard this strange humming sound. It was like brrrrrrrgh, brrrrrrgh. Ashley, our niece was like, “it sounds like whales yeah?” We all started laughing and then heard it again. So strange.

A few moments later the door opens and Deroy is standing there with this huge chair. He remarks, “ho, this chair is heavy!” That sound was him dragging that chair all the way from room 325. So funny! We all couldn’t stop laughing. But anyway, the babies are really cute so make sure you check out Keao’s blog later.

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Well it’s Sunday and I’m sitting at home. You may be wondering, “Why aren’t you at church?”, after all it is a Sunday morning, a time that is traditionally set aside for church services. Well, the answer is that I have a bum left eye. Actually, sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning, I managed to scratch my eye bad enough that my eye doctor said it’s like I have an ulcer on my eye ball. So I’m sitting at home because I eye is super red and sore (it’s not pink eye and it’s not contagious) and really sensitive to light. Maybe I’ll have Keao take a picture of it and I’ll post it sometime.

But on Friday night we went to Bob’s Big Boy after church (this is becoming a favorite hang out of ours) and we started talking about those crazy Japanese game shows. Some of them are actually games, while others are just pranks and what not. So for your viewing pleasure here are two of my favorites. Mind you, there are many more types of shows and if you go to youtube and type in Japanese pranks or Japanese game shows you’re bound to find a plethora more. I hope you find them as entertaining as I did.

In this one, a mob of 100 randomly chase people down and do crazy things

This one is long but stinkin’ hilarious

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What to do?

So it’s about 8:30 at night I have no idea what to do. Keao is working the overnight shift now so she sleeps during the day, but I think she couldn’t fall asleep until after noon so she’s still sleeping and I’m her sitting on the couch, in the dark, journaling.

I actually had a pretty productive day. I got to ride my motorcycle to town and pick up Keao’s A/C adapter from the Toshiba service center, returned the other one from Best Buy, went to Costco and Home Depot, fixed the handle on our sliding glass door, folded all the laundry and changed the brake light in Keao’s car.

I also played a little Call of Duty 4 and Splinter Cell (the old one) on 360. I’ve eaten dinner (by myself) and cleaned up and wished Gabe a happy birthday on myspace. So now what?

It’s so rare that I have these free nights to just do nothing that when I do have them, I’m competely baffled, hence I’m journaling in the dark with no TV on. Maybe I should wake Keao up. Truth be told, I’m getting tired myself and I have to work at Pleasant tomorrow morning so it’s going to be a long day.

Ooh, I also get to preach on Saturday night, so if you’re in Kaneohe come and check it out at either 5 or 7. It’s too bad though, because some of my friends are going hiking at Maunawili Falls but they’re not going until 3 so looks like I’ll miss that one.

Well, enough rambling about my day (although, one could argue, that this is what journals were created for).

Last Saturday a bunch of us went to Aloha Stadium for the Warrior Bowl. The Warrior Bowl is the last spring practice for the University of Hawaii football team (as mandated by the NCAA). So to celebrate (and show what they’ve been working on) they hold a spring game which pits the Warriors v. the Warriors.

Since May is moustache month at church I decided to try to grow a moustache. I have never done this before so I’ll post pictures throughout the month and we’ll see how it grows and progresses.

Even though it was still April, I decided to get a head start on the moustache

At the Warrior Bowl they also displayed the new uniforms by Under Armor. I like them better than the all black ones because I do like the color green. But I think I like the road uniforms (the green and white one) better than the home uniforms (the green and black ones). For some reason, the green and black just don’t go together. Plus, you can’t really see it in the picture, but there is a tapa design on the shoulders that don’t really make sense to me. They kind of remind me of Oregon’s ugly uniforms.

Who has the bigger guns? Us or the mannequins?

Well, it’s about 10 to 9 now. I guess I’m going to wake up Keao (well maybe in half an hour). She’s been ignoring me too much already.

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