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When you see Hanalei by moonlight you will be in Heaven by the sea.
Every breeze, every wave will whisper, “You are mine, don’t ever go away”.

Day two started nice and late (we didn’t leave the house until 11am) and since we were already pretty far up north we decided to visit Hanalei and continue until we hit the end of the road. Again, growing up I spent many a day on the Hanalei river (if that’s its name) fishing and crabbing. We also used to jump off the pier and swim and just cruise. Since I didn’t drive at the time, I never realized how far away Hanalei was from Lihue. All these places my uncle used to take to were freakin’ far away!


Some of the boys posing in front of the famous taro patches of Hanalei


The Hanalei Pier


We really wanted to jump off the pier but the water was very shallow (like chest deep) and then we saw this sign


So I just had to settle for contemplating my life from a pier

So after hanging out there for a while, we decided to see where the road would take us. Wouldn’t you know, the road took us to the wet and dry caves. Aside from the obvious wetness and dryness the caves are also very different. Well, never mind. The wetness and dryness are what really sets them apart. Other than that they’re very similar.


Can you guess which one this is?


I think Dural was pretending to be Captain Morgan


Now do you see why they call them the wet and dry caves?


Swimming here didn’t look too appealing either

And then we hit the end of the road and turned around to head back (I mean, what else are you going to do?)

One of my good friends, Tiffany, moved to Kauai three years ago so we decided to meet up for lunch in Kapaa. She suggested a place called House of Noodles (she had never eaten there, but apparently it looked good) and since we were all hungry we were all game.


I’m not sure what kind of restaurant this is (some Asian country I would guess)


This large phallic symbol hanging from the ceiling also added to the mystery


Their special saimin was good, but it was no Hamura’s

After lunch we walked around and looked for kulolo. I always thought that Kauai was known for their kulolo, but I swear either the locals are hiding it from the tourists or there is an extreme shortage of it. Everywhere we went we asked for kulolo and the reaction was of utter surprise. One person suggested we try out Pono Market. They have everything they assured us. If there was kulolo to be found it would be a the Pono Market.


This nondescript store really did seem to have everything


You can pick up a marriage license but unfortunately for us we couldn’t pick up any kulolo

Disheartened we left Kapaa and headed toward Wailua. I’ve been told the Wailua River is the only boat navigable river in our state. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it is a pretty wide river.


That’s the boat that takes you to the Fern Grotto (which I still haven’t been to)

Since we still didn’t go swimming anywhere yet, we convinced Tiffany to take us to a nice river we could take a dip in. She knew just the place. Now on a side note, the weather had kind of been overcast and chilly so we knew going in that the water would be freezing.

Now earlier Dural had agreed to “take one for the team” in Hanalei by jumping off the pier first, but due to the shallowness of the water he kind of went back on his word (something that Clinton wouldn’t let him forget). So when it came time to brave the ice bath of the river, Dural wanted to make good on his claim.


It was real shallow here


Trying to judge the temperature without actually getting in


“Ah c’mon guys, don’t make me jump in!”


I don’t think the Russian judge was very impressed (he only scored it a 4.6)


Jasen went in with a little more flair


It only looks like they’re smiling (they’re really grimacing)


They somehow convinced me and Lon to jump in too


Tiffany and I before she had to go home to her family

After our refreshing dip in the water we cruised around a little bit more and then headed for dinner with my Uncle Alan and Aunty Audrey. This is the family that I stayed with when I used to go to Kauai. Since we were already out in the Kapaa/Wailua area they suggested we hit the Bull Shed. I had also never eaten there either, but I remember it because of its almost dirty sounding name. I think we used to giggle every time someone would mention it.


It’s shed. The Bull Shed


Lon and Dural splurged and had the steak and lobster plate


Me with my Aunty Audrey and Uncle Alan

After dinner we were all tuckered out from our busy day of exploring so we headed back to our beautiful home in Kalihiwai (remind me to tell you how we even got that awesome place) to turn in for the night.

Stay tuned for for a report on our last day of fun and adventure on the Garden Island.

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There’s an island across the sea, beautiful Kauai, beautiful Kauai. And it’s calling, just calling to me, beautiful Kauai, beautiful Kauai.

This year for our annual Ignite trip we decided to go to the beautiful island of Kauai. Growing up my father (and mother) worked for Aloha Airlines so we spent many a day on Kauai with my Uncle Alan and Aunty Audrey. In fact, during the summer between my freshmen and sophomore year I even spent the entire summer there working as a dishwasher at Hanamaulu Cafe. But I don’t think I’ve really been there in over 10 years (except maybe one time to play golf for the day) so I was very excited to go back.


Jasen and Lon smiling way too early in the morning


Notice how happy I am

Upon arrival we picked up our car and went straight to breakfast. Now I mentioned that I spent choke small kid time on Kauai with my dad and uncle so of course I went to their favorite breakfast spot, Dani’s. I’m not sure why they always went there, they just always did. And, without fail my dad would always order the same thing: tripe stew and pipikaula. Of course, not wanting to break tradition I ordered his usual dish (when I had dinner the next night with my Uncle Alan and Aunty Audrey they even asked if I had the tripe stew for breakfast because that’s what my dad always ordered).


Even the sign looks the same!


The rich tripe stew with the side pipikaula can’t be beat

Then after eating we headed toward the Kauai Marriott to meet up with Dina and George as they had been on Kauai since Wednesday. We got there just in time for the daily Koi feeding. I must say I don’t think I’ve ever been to pond where there were so many Koi. Not only that but those Koi were rabid. I mean really rabid. They practically jumped out of the water just to get the food. Don’t believe me? Take a look.


Look at that feeding frenzy


They even climbed on the stairs to get the food


And they were tame enough to pet

After fetching George and Dina we swung over to Hanapepe, “the biggest little town on Kauai”. Hanapepe is a quaint town that is home to the famous swinging bridge and apparently the westernmost bookstore in the United States.



You can’t tell now, but the bridge is swinging pretty hard


And there’s the westernmost bookstore in the US

After that we proceeded to go at break-neck speed to Waimea Canyon. Now, truth be told, I really appreciated Jasen driving, but after taking those turns faster than we should have and all of us in the car getting small-kine carsick maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to let Jasen drive.


Waimea Canyon aka the Grand Canyon of the Pacific


Some of the boys hanging out


It was slightly overcast that day

Now the smart thing would have been to head back to town since we were all feeling a little ill, but someone, I’m not saying who (but he was the driver), insisted on pressing on. So we drove another 15 minutes or so to Kalalau lookout. I would imagine that this lookout would have been spectacular if it weren’t for the heavy fog. When we arrived we could barely see anything the fog was so thick. But God came through and sent a wind to blow it away every now and then so we could see Kalalau below us.


Can you even tell there’s an ocean down there?


The camera doesn’t do it justice, but we got quite a view when the fog blew away

Finally after seeing all that we saw a sign that beckoned us. It was a sign for lunch.


What really caught my eye was Kauai’s BEST Lilikoi Pie


Jackie Wong’s “Hot B!tch Sauce” was pretty funny too (it is A$$ Whooping)


Here’s Kauai’s BEST Lilikoi Pie!

The pie was just okay. It was good, but I can’t say it was the best (it’s pretty hard to beat Hamura’s). Luckily for us we were right across the street from the Kauai Kookie factory. Had to stop there and sample some of their wares.


Now there’s a sign I can follow


It’s a store inside a warehouse…how clever


This is what cookie heaven must look like

After driving some more we headed back to Lihue for dinner at the always popular Hamura’s Saimin. This is another place that I remember eating at while growing up so I made sure we stopped there at least once.


This sign might be the newest part of the whole store


A perfect bowl of Won Ton Min

With a warm, full belly we decided it was time to turn in and we headed toward out place in Kalihiwai. Stay tuned for our day two adventures later.

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So here’s the news. Are you ready for it? Because if you’re not ready for it you might as well stop reading right now. That’s right. Stop reading do something else. But if you are ready then keep reading…

The latest news in our lives (that’s Keao and I) is that we’re going to be parents! Woo hoo! Take a deep breath and read that again. Keao and I are going to be parents! Were you wondering when we were going to be parents? Well now that the cat’s out of the bag, the answer is that we’ll be parents sometime this fall. We’re not exactly sure when just yet because we have more news.

More news you ask? Yes, more news. We’re not sure because we’re having twins! Twins! Can you believe that? Right now inside Keao’s belly there are two pregnancies going on. Count ‘em two. Want proof? Here’s a picture from her first ultrasound (I know, I know, I said I’d never post pictures of our ultrasound, but it’s just too cool to leave out).


Do you see the two pregnancies?

There they are! Our twin babies! Ones on the left and the other on the right. Too cool right? It took us a little while to get used to twins, but Keao’s sister, Cassandra, has twins so we thought we could do it too. Two for the price of one. Sweet!

Then we went to our next ultrasound appointment and the tech kept squinting and making funny faces. At first we were super scared because we thought that maybe something was wrong with one of the twins.

Well our fears were somewhat confirmed when the tech turned to us and said, “Do you guys know that there are three babies in here?” Huh? Care to repeat that? Three? There was something wrong with one of our twins! He split into two and now he has an identical twin of himself (I refer to them in the masculine because it’s comfortable for me, Keao and I have no clue regarding their gender yet).

Okay, pick your jaw up off the ground and realize what you just read. Keao and I are having three babies! Supertwins! Triplets! Whatever you call them know that there are more than two!

After the initial moment of shock we asked the tech to count again. She did and mentioned that she was definitely sure there were three in there. I quickly glanced at the screen and saw the most beautiful thing…three babies and three hearbeats!

Warning: another ultrasound picture!


There they are: Baby A, Baby B and Baby C

So there you can see there are definitely three babies in Keao. I now share the bed with four people instead of the usual one. It’s really exciting and really overwhelming all at the same time. Many times a day our emotions run through the whole gamut.

So that’s where we stand right now. Keao and me plus three.

We’re seeing a specialist because this is considered a high-risk pregnancy (so we humbly ask for your prayers) and we were made aware of the risks. But not to worry, we have God on our side! He’ll get us through everything!

Here’s a last picture that our specialist drew for us to better illustrate what’s happening inside Keao’s body. Note: it’s totally not to scale.


See? There’s the happy fraternal on top and the two slightly squished identicals on the bottom

So that’s where we stand. We are going to go from the two of us to the five of us all in one fell swoop. Keep checking back from time to time. Keao and I will both be posting things on our blogs so you can keep track of what’s going on in our lives. You can read Keao’s blog by clicking here.

So until next time we would really covet your prayers. See you all soon!

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Seven years ago or so I went to Sapporo, Japan for the very first time. Up until then I had only gone to the Kansai area, but due to a slight scheduling conflict our missions team couldn’t go to Kansai and we ended up partnering with a church in Sapporo called Church on the Rock.

While I was there I had the privilege of meeting some great people including a woman named Junko. Throughout the years Junko and I kept in touch and we became friends.


Junko in 2004

Well today Junko got married. I always expected Junko to get married someday, but luckily for me she got married in Hawaii at Nuuanu Congregational Church and I got invited to witness her special day (and my friend John was officiant so that was nice too).

So congratulations Junko and her new husband Yoshi. I hear she will be moving from Sapporo to the Tokyo area so I’m not sure when the next time I’ll see her again will be, but regardless I hope she has a wonderful marriage and a great time in Hawaii.


A picture of all of us inside the church


Here we are striking an “aloha” pose outside the church

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It’s not everyday you can say that you’ve had a hand in creating history (other than the obvious everything you do technically is a part of some sort of history). But today Boston College won the National Championship in men’s hockey at the Frozen Four in Detroit, Michigan. Yay Boston College!

So what does that have to do with history? Well how about this. The season they win the National Championship is the same season that Keao and I visited Boston College. Coincidence? I think not. Not only did we visit BC, but we also went on the ice! That’s right we were on the same ice as the 2010 National Champion Boston Eagles. We are practically on the team. So congratulations to the Boston College Eagles and me and Keao!


They’ll be adding another banner up there soon


Right before we decided to see what the ice was like


This might be the closest I’ll ever come to winning a National Championship in anything!


I’m not sure if Keao is playing hockey or figure skating…

Anyway, congratulations again BC!

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