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So I’ve been a church employee now for the past 7 years or so and during that time I’ve worn several different hats. When I first started I was an intern in charge of the college ministry. Then after two years of that I did the college ministry and I also worked on the maintenance crew outside with Uncle Augie (20 hours each). Then, they moved me to the Singles ministry (where I met my wife Keao). Then in addition to the Singles ministry I also took the job of operations manager. But they gave that portion of my job away so I picked up the Sports ministry (still following?). Finally in the last year I did the Singles (and expanded it to include Couples too), the Sport ministry, Community Service and now my fourth hat IT. I did this all in the span of 7 years.

Of all the things I’ve done, I think I may be least qualified to do the IT. I mean, I like computers and everything but I really have very little formal training on all things related to computers. Maybe it’s because I spend so much time online. Who knows?

One of the first things I’ve been doing recently is trying to get our staff more in tuned with technology and keeping their webpages fresh and with new content. I’m also encouraging them to use more social media like Facebook, Twitter and blogging.

Every once in awhile, I’ll say something good and you know what? People are listening. We now have two more staff members starting blogs. I hope they keep it up (I’m subscribing with my Google reader). So without further ado, if you’re interested, here are our two latest staff blogs.







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