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Life Before Facebook

The other day, I was cleaning out one of my dresser drawers at home and I came across an old pile of postcards. I know, I know, in this day of Facebook, Twitter, text messages and instant communication, postcards are an archaic form of communication.

Before I got hired on staff at Hope Chapel, I helped in the youth ministry for ten years. One of my favorite “traditions” I had with the youth was sending postcards. Anytime I went off island I would try to send my MiniChurch a postcard from wherever I was and in return many of them would send them back to me. I don’t know about you, but anytime I get a piece of handwritten mail, whether it be a postcard, thank you card or even an invitation it makes me smile. Ever since I became an adult, it seems like 90% of my mail are either bills or credit card solicitations.

But seeing those postcards again made me realize how many places our youth visited and also fun postcards are. Here are a few of my favorites from both near and far.


The road to Hana at Keanae, Maui

I love this one because even though it’s just on Maui, it showed that a postcard was still worth sending.


Paramount’s Great America in Santa Clara, California


Las Vegas, Nevada

I know these aren’t very exotic, but you have to admit that many islanders go there quite frequently.


Sent from Ketchikan, Alaska, just a reminder to stop peeing like pup


A nice shot of the Rockies sent from Denver, Colorado

Still not totally unusual but now we’re getting a little further off the beaten trail.


Possibly the only state with more state pride than Hawaii from Houston, Texas


Not a state but a district, Washington DC


One of my favorite places on earth, the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida


This looks like Scotland, but it’s really Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Now we’re getting a little further east and I’ve received postcards from Texas, DC, Florida and Pennsylvania. But enough of the domestic stuff. Here are a few international ones.


Of course this is Japan and the famous Osaka Castle in Osaka, Japan


This one, from Edinburgh, Scotland, is probably my favorite because of its unusual shape

Thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Now that I have a daughter, I think I’m going to start sending her postcards whenever I leave the island so she’ll have a little collection of where I’ve been when she gets old enough to read. However, you can participate too. If you’re going on a trip, I’d love to receive a postcard from you and if you give me your address, I will make sure you get one from me. You can send your address or request mine by emailing me at beiberfever808@gmail.com.

I hope to hear from you and see where you’ve been soon!

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