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Last Sunday we celebrated a birthday. Oddly enough, it was Jasen’s actual birthday, but we ended up celebrating Mikey’s birthday. Yay Mikey! Mikey’s birthday isn’t until Friday, but to surprise him his family picked a day that he wouldn’t know about which was conveniently Jasen’s birthday.

Now my only part in the surprise was to get him to the secret location at the secret time. This part was easy since Mikey normally comes to my house on Sunday nights and since it was Jasen’s birthday we had an easy excuse.

So he got to my house on time and under the guise of carpooling we drove him to the secret spot (which was Dave and Buster’s). Once we got there we went to the roof and he was greeted by a bunch of his close friends and family.

Now I gotta say, his family is so creative. Not only did they totally surprise him but when we got off the elevator we were greeted by their smiling faces as well as Mikey’s smiling face. That’s right, they put his face on all of their t-shirts. A little creepy to be sure, but creative nonetheless.


Not one, but three Mikeys staring back at you!


The planner of the whole night and the birthday boy


Some of the guys


Tricia looking like Yoda and a very surprised Stanton


Of course, what’s a party without cake?

Happy Birthday Mikey (and Jasen!)

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