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Boy, April was a busy month. Easter, the March for Babies and Slugger growing leaps and bounds (she now eats solid foods and while she doesn’t quite crawl yet, she does manage to get wherever she wants to go). It’s not like life hasn’t been happening as much as I just haven’t taken the time to share it with everyone. Sorry about that.

My friend Ryan tweeted about Friday 5 this morning and about how one of our mutual friends used to do it and it seemed like fun so I thought I’d give it a go. I’d like to commit to doing this at least twice a month but we’ll see how it goes.

Remember, I didn’t come up with the questions, I’m just supplying the answers. So without further ado, here is this edition of Friday 5!

1. If you were suddenly unable to make any excuses, what could you realistically do today to address whatever in your life is keeping you from being healthy and happy?

That one’s easy. There are three things I would like to do everyday but never seem to do. 1. Practice guitar for at least half an hour. 2. Exercise for 40 minutes. 3. Do three lessons of Rosetta Stone. Unfortunately the only reason that I don’t do it is laziness and a lack of motivation. I know, it’s lame, but it is honest.


Junkyard Dog, my all-time favorite wrestler

2. What are your feelings about professional wrestling?

When I was a kid I loved professional wrestling. It was my favorite television show and I watched it religiously. Once the 90’s hit, however, I kind of just lost interest in it. I knew it was fake from pretty early on so that wasn’t the reason for my lack of interest, I think I just started pursuing other interests (like playing guitar) and I never went back to it.


The legendary shorts!

3. What is the brightest, most colorful article of clothing you actually wear once in a while?

In general, I like to wear colors (especially red for some reason) so I have tons of colorful things. Of course, this is Hawaii so I also have tons of loud Aloha shirts too. But I would have to say the loudest article of clothes I wear every once in a while is my pair of orange booty shorts I picked up from a street vendor in New York. I’ve used it at several costume parties since (does that qualify as once in a while?).

4. What’s something you do, not because you want to or because someone’s compelling you, but because it’s the right thing to do?

Ever since the birth of our daughter Slugger, Keao and I always fight over who is going to change her doo doo diapers. While I don’t hate doing it, I can honestly say it’s not my favorite thing to do. I do it because it is the right thing to do otherwise poor Slugger would have to sit in her own feces for who knows how long.

5. What’s a food you’ll keep eating until it either runs out or someone stops bringing it to the table?

Chinese! I think I go through withdrawals when i don’t have my filling of Chinese food. Whenever we go to a Chinese restaurant and we order family style, I have to make sure to quickly box up the leftovers otherwise I will keep eating and eating until all the plates are empty (then I moan and groan for a while about how full I am and why I keep doing this to myself).

And that’s it for now!

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