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Whew, what a weekend! My Saturday started fairly early being that we were going on a hike. We were hiking to the Makapuu tide pools (which I had never done before) so I was kind of excited. When we first got to church there were only a handful of us raring to go (I think it was Dustin, Linda and me) but before long some others showed up which caused my spirits to rise even more. The morning got off to a great start until mean Keao put on this offensive shirt because I guess she wanted to hurt someone’s feelings (poor Ron, I hope he recovers). Anyway, we got off to a slightly late start, but we left none the less. By the time we got to Makapuu Krystie, Jen, Scott, Skye and Frank were already there. Then Marjie Terry (and Joshua) and Sally also met us there. So off we go!

The trail up to the lighthouse (which was the first part of the hike) was pretty easy being that it is paved and not too steep. After about half an hour we made it to the part where the trail splits off and one side goes to the lighthouse and the other trail (straight down the mountain) goes to the tide pools. So we start going down, this also wasn’t too tough because there are a lot of hand holds and there is a nice switchback the whole way. By the time we got to the bottom it was really nice. There were some big waves and they were crashing up against the rocks causing water to shoot way up in the air. So as soon as our group made it to the bottom they immediately split up with some exploring the rocks, others swimming in the tide pools and others just lounging around. But the sea, she was angry that day. We couldn’t have been down there for more than 10 minutes when one of our girls got hit by a wave and hit the rocks pretty hard. I didn’t actually see what had happened but I did hear the alarming cries. The next thing I saw was that girl holding her mouth with a towel and booking it up the mountain. When I say booking it I mean she was really moving. I was actually quite impressed by how fast she managed to make it up the first part of the mountain. After a few rest stops she was completely up the mountain. I’m not sure if it was the adrenaline or what, but she really moved. By this time just about half of our group went with her to make sure that she was alright. So I was on the bottom with the other half of our group (there goes any chance of having a nice group picture). We stayed at the bottom for about another 20 minutes or so and then the rest of our group headed back up. This was the blind leading the blind part of the hike. Since the lead guys didn’t know the way back up they just headed up the mountain. Actually it isn’t too hard, but it is a lot steeper. Needless to say I was pretty out of breath by the time I got back up to the top of the mountain. When we made it back to the road we were informed that more of our group had split with the injured girl and we were told to meet at Hawaii Kai shopping center.

So off to Hawaii Kai shopping center. They were having some sort of sidewalk fair at the shopping center so it was super crowded. Other than that it was pretty good. The remaining members of our group (the ones that were not with the injured girl and the ones that didn’t leave to eat lunch in Kailua) ate at Teddy’s Burgers. It was pretty good except that those of us that went swimming were still salty (no showers) and everyone was pretty tired (either from running up the mountain or just being out of shape). But we all made home safely (well except on our injured friend). Pictures are up at http://public.fotki.com/hckb/ignite/makapuu_hike. Check ’em out.

By the time I got home I was pretty beat. I was really trying to make it home by 3:00pm so I could watch the UH game on TV and I almost made it (got home during the first quarter). Mikey called and so at halftime I went to Rob’s to watch the remainder of the game. It wasn’t worth it since UH got completely smashed by UTEP. Oh well, I am still hoping that they make it to the Hawaii Bowl or else I wasted some money on those tickets.

I had to be at church this morning because I there was a baptism. When I got to church I found out that Ralph wasn’t getting in the water so it was just me and Russell. To further add to the confusion, no one seemed to know who was in charge of baptism. So we scrambled to make sure that we had all the bases covered (some one to record names, take pictures, break down the baptismal, prayer etc…). There really is a lot that goes into baptisms! Anyway, Russell had a soccer game so I got stuck breaking down the pool. It’s okay, I’m over it now. I did manage to hand out more fliers for our Italian cooking class so that was cool. I hope we get a good turnout. I also invited some more people to MiniChurch so that was cool too. Luckily there’s a women’s worship night coming up so I had Marjie and Keiko (and Sally Friday night) hand out flyers to the single women. My problem is identifying the singles it’s so hard to tell who they are. First it’s hard to identify them, second I don’t really feel comfortable going up to women and asking if they’re single and how old they are. It’s a good thing I found some nice girls to do it for me.

When I got home I was also in for a nice surprise. Who should stick his head out the door and greet me with, “Hi Uncle Scott”? Isaac Moore. Apparently Carl and Kanani are showing their house so they came over with Isaac and Kylie. It’s okay though, they’re good company and I like Isaac. So I got to chat with Kanani for a bit since Carl just got home from GO camp and I think he was resting. Well that’s my weekend so far. Maybe more will happen tonight. I’ll keep you posted.

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I’ve decided that the problem with the world today is a serious lack of communication skills. Case in point, today I took my grandparents out to lunch at Yanagi Sushi on Kapiolani Ave. It’s a small Japanese restaurant with very limited parking. My grandfather has a hard time walking so the state has issued to him a handicapped parking pass. But of course by the time we get there the handicapped stalls are all gone. Now, Yanagi Sushi to their credit has a man outside whose sole responsibility is parking (or at least that’s what his little name tag would indicate). So I pull in and there is already a van double-parked in front of me and I’m just barely in the lot. There are cars whizzing around behind me so at this point I can’t go forward or backward. Being the nice grandchild that I am, let my grandparents and my cousin Christian out of the car and they go into the restaurant. Then the little valet guy walks behind my car and grabs a cone and places it in the grass. At no time does he ever indicate that I am to stay there or get out of my car. In fact, he never even glances or acknowledges me. So I don’t know what to do and there is now another car behind me waiting to turn in and he’s the one blocking an entire lane of traffic. The little man at this point had already walked away and was standing by the adjacent lot. Not knowing if I was supposed to go there or not since he never talked to me, I reversed out and tried to follow him. Just my luck, that lot was completely blocked off and full of cars and I had no where to go except maybe around the block. So I end up driving up to King Street and I find a metered parking stall up there. I’m pretty much not in the mood to do anything with that little man now so I just park there and walk to the restaurant. As I’m walking around the block the little man sees me and throws his hands in the air like “where did you go?” Sheesh, I was pretty much over the whole situation so I just let him be and walked in the restaurant. Of course my grandparents were wondering why I took so long so I had to explain the whole situation to them. Well, such is life, that’s what I get for trying to take them out to lunch. I think if I hadn’t been praying in tongues the whole walk to the restaurant, I would have been pretty salty.

After lunch though things got better. There is a small computer store in Kamehameha shopping center called Byteware that’s closing tomorrow. I did manage to pick up a nice 20″ flat screen Sharp TV for $150 so I was pretty stoked by that. It will go great in my kitchen for when I’m cooking since the other TV that used to be in the kitchen died a few years ago. You’d think that I’d be used to not having a TV in the kitchen but I’m not. I still really missed it and I’m really glad that I have one back.

Then I had to go to church. We’re hiking tomorrow so I asked Keao to make me a flyer. God bless her heart because she made a really nice flyer. Here is a copy of it for your viewing pleasure.

Anyway, I like it. I think I’m going to make her the official flyer person for Ignite. But don’t tell her I’m going to surprise her with the fantastic news.

Church went really well. It seemed like a smaller crowd than normal, but I suppose there is GO camp going on and there are mission teams out in the Dominican Republic, Afghanistan and Japan so keep them in your prayers. Afterwards I got to talk to Malia and Kara. They crack me up. Malia always looks like she’s so deep in thought. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I really love my MiniChurch. Anyway, I also had a nice chat with Sea Biscuit but that got cut short when Frank asked if I wanted to ride his R6 around the parking lot and stuff. So it was a good fun night. Worship was awesome and there was a good message as well. I’m off to bed since I have to go hiking tomorrow.

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Ahhh Thursday. For me Thursday represents many things. For one thing it’s the last day of classes during the week which means I get to start my weekend early. It also means MiniChurch (which I love). And it means that I don’t have to wake up early the next day and I can spend more time journaling (or doing whatever).

So today was a pretty normal day for me. I woke up and went to school. When I got to hula class I discovered that I forgot to bring the proper leaves for lei making. Actually, I didn’t forget them I knew I was supposed to bring them I was just lazy. So I showed up for class without any ti leaves (which I have growing in my backyard) or laua’i (sp?) leaves (which I thought I couldn’t find but as I was pulling out of the stall at church I noticed that they grow everywhere) which meant that I was very ill prepared to make a lei. So, I had to borrow from the nice girls in class that would share with me (I’m not sure what happened to the other guy that used to be in my class but I haven’t seen him in a few weeks meaning that I am the only guy in class). Fortunately I was able to scrounge up some leaves from some of the girls (which made me feel really bad since I as really just too lazy to bring any of my own) and start a lei. All I can say is that it is way tougher than it looks. I mean you think that it’s easy but I have found out that leis are extremely labor intensive. Plus, it involves a good amount of braiding too. The girls with long hair didn’t seem to have any problems doing the braiding…well come to think of it, it didn’t seem as if any girl had a problem with the braiding. I, on the other hand, had many problems with my braiding, but oh well, come to the performance on December 1 and you’ll see my super nice lei then.

MiniChurch tonight was really good. I really love my MiniChurch. It seems that we always go off on these long tangents but it’s okay since we really don’t know each other very well yet. It seems that everyone is really open to each other and they share their feelings pretty openly. It’s nice to be in a setting where I don’t have to pry things out from everyone. I have a feeling that this will be a really solid MiniChurch. Hopefully we’ll keep growing and I can split it soon. Oh well, we’ll see how that goes and see what God has in store for us. Well got to go to bed since I need to take my grandparents out to lunch tomorrow (this seems to be a very nice trend).

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You know, I really love living in Hawaii. I mean there are many really great things about living here. We have two official state languages, our flag has the Union Jack in the corner and you can get Spam off a menu just about anywhere. But, why does it cost so much to ship things here? Of course, I know the answer…it’s because we’re so isolated from everywhere and we’re separated by a large body of water. And then there’s Matson (I think they have a monopoly on controlling everything that moves in and out of here). But anyway, don’t you just love shopping online? I guess to their credit, Amazon does offer free shipping when you purchase more than $25. That’s pretty cool of them. Today I ordered the new Chris Tomlin CD from Amazon. I was going to use the highly recommended musichristian.com but they didn’t have the new Green Day CD which Amazon did so I ordered them both. Imagine that, a Christian music site not having the new Green Day CD. That’s the problem with our country, everything is so categorized. I’ve also been browsing ebay and craigslist for a bike, again the problem is that everything is in the mainland and not too much in Hawaii. I guess that’s the price you pay for living in paradise (how’s that for a cliche?).

So tonight we had our Diamond Pin Dinner for Pleasant Holidays. I must say, that is one of the nicest things about working for that company. They treat everyone that has worked there for 5+ years to a really nice dinner. This year it was at Aaron’s on the top of Ala Moana. Last year it was at Morton’s Steakhouse and the year before that it was at Roy’s I think. So if there’s a lesson to be learned it’s stick with a job as long as you can because someday it will pay off with a free meal. It was also really nice of them to invite me anyway since I am really only on-call there and they almost never call me. But hey, I can’t complain since I did get a free meal and I did get to see some great friends that I hardly see anymore. As far as food went, the shrimp and crab bisque I had for my appetizer was just okay. The pork chop I had for the entree was much better though. So all in all I left pretty full and overall satisfied (I think if I had to pay for the meal my opinion may be slightly different).

On a sad note, I just heard that this computer shop called Byteware is closing. It’s a small little shop in Kalihi so I guess they just can’t compete with the bigger boys in town. It is sad though since I bought my first (and only) laptop there and also my super durable underwater housing for my camera there too.

Well I guess it’s almost time for bed. I tried super hard tonight to write earlier and go to bed earlier, but for some reason it never works for me. I always get distracted. Tonight it really wasn’t my fault though. Ted came over and we sort of shot the breeze for a little while. I miss that guy. It’s interesting how my friendships have changed in the last six weeks with John-John moving. I have to rely on other friends like Ted too. Weird huh? Anyway, I’m off to bed. Good night.

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So tonight we had another birthday party for Keao. I tell you, that girl sure knows how to milk birthday. I need to start taking some notes. But I guess it’s not really her doing since we planned the first surprise birthday party and then today is actually her birthday…but, that’s where I draw the line. If I do get invited to another birthday party for her I’m definitely not going (well, probably not, depends on where it is).

Actually today was a pretty productive day. I got a good night’s rest and got off to school okay. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any parking at UH. Grrrrr. Even with a parking pass it’s still hard to find parking sometimes. So instead of walking into class late I just went to the library to study. I’m reading this book called “the Disney Version” and it’s really interesting. It’s about how Walt Disney turned himself and his company into one of the most influential companies of all time. It’s great reading if you like Disney stuff. Anyway, then I had hula which was another story. When the semester started there was another dude in the class with me, but I haven’t seen him in awhile so I don’t know where he went. But we learned more of a chant to Pele and practiced some more with the ‘uli’uli. It’s way tougher than it looks. Maybe I’m just not that coordinated.

But tonight as I previously mentioned we had another party for Keao. I went to Buca’s (yay Italian food) with Nikki, Linda and Terry. Good fun. I also met another HBA grad, they just pop up everywhere, that’s Kara and Malia’s classmate. It’s a small world I tell ya. Anyway, it was a great day.

On a side note, here’s a thought. We were discussing in one of my history classes how in the 1500’s people in Europe lived for the most part in one room huts. It got very cold during the winter so many times they brought in the farm animals just for the warmth. Also, because it was just one room, the stench must have been unbearable. And to top that off, they only had one bed. So, the question is, how did babies get made? And what about all of the other people in the bed (by other people, I mean the previously born children). There must have been zero privacy and what roles, if any, did the children play being introduced to sex at such a young age? Just some food for thought.

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I Love Kickball!!!

Whew, what a busy weekend I had. Since I already wrote about my Saturday, I’ll just recap Sunday. At our church we have two Sunday morning services. So my goal every week is to make it by the break between the services. This Sunday I got there a little late so the break had already started. Imagine my surprise when I got flooded with questions about me moving to Japan! Apparently they showed a video in service of this this Japanese woman talking about Japan and their church that sends missionaries out to India. This is the woman that I stayed with during my recent trip to Sapporo. Anyway, in the video she talked about our trip and what a good job we did. So when the video was over Pastor Ralph told everyone that I was being recruited to Japan. Isn’t that funny?

So church was fun for me having to dispel rumors about me moving next year. Anyway, after church we had a surprise party for Keao. It was actually lots of fun. I really wanted to stay home and watch football and the playoffs but I went to the party anyway (I did manage to watch some playoffs but it sucked because the Dodgers got eliminated anyway). But back to the party. When I got there the birthday girl hadn’t arrived yet. They told me that she was supposed to come at 12:30pm and since I had no chance of making it there that early I figured that 1:00pm would be safe. As it ended up she didn’t arrive until 1:30pm so I guess the surprise was on me. But when I got there, Sea Biscuit was busy grilling and Sally and Nicole were practicing a dance. It had been awhile since I talked to the ol’ Sea Biscuit so we got to catch up on a lot of things. It was actually really funny because the hamburgers were so thick and spherical. They were like giant meatballs. They were great.

After lunch we were treated to some fly overs by the Blue Angels which were performing at MCBH that was also a lot of fun. But, the real fun came when we started playing kickball. I think kickball is one of my all-time favorite sports. It doesn’t take too much skill and you get to bean people. We were playing with some really young kids and some really nice (and by nice I mean nice) girls. Of course, being the bully that I am, whenever I get a chance to tag a base or bean someone I will always choose the bean even if they are the aforementioned really young kid or really nice girl. Man, whoever invented kickball, I salute you! After kickball I got in the house just in time to see the Dodgers lose. That was sad. To see some pictures of the party go to “http://public.fotki.com/hckb/ignite/keaos_birthday_party/”.

Usually on Sunday nights we have a poker game at my house. This game used to be pretty closed (by closed I mean by invitation only) but we have since slacked so it’s more open now. This new guy Reuben came in and Ted’s girlfriend Megan has been playing for a few weeks now. I think it adds to the game. Anyway Keao also came after her party. I learned a valuable lesson that night…namely that boys and girls think differently. Maybe I didn’t really learn it that night because when Cheyne and Liz used to play they also thought differently. But after a losing effort, I finally got to bed around 2:00am (which is late for me).

This morning I was awoken by a phone call. I was like, “What the hell? Who is calling me so early?” But when I looked at the clock it was already 10:30am so I guess it wasn’t so early after all. Then I rolled over and went back to bed. By the time someone else called me at 12:30pm (actually it was the same person) I figured I should wake up. Ahhh, the joys of Mondays. I love ’em.

On a completely different note, I really like God’s sense of humor. I am still in the book of Judges and I came across this passage, “The Spirit of the LORD came upon [Samson] in power so that he tore the lion apart with his bare hands as he might have torn a young goat” (Judges 14:6). I think that’s so funny. I must admit that I have never torn apart a young goat, so I have no frame of reference, but that must be fairly hard too right? I was wondering how common it was that people tore apart young goats. It must be some easy feat. Maybe they had young goat tearing contests in the Old Testament. It it’s anything like kickball, I bet I would have ruled that too (providing I only challenge young kids and really nice girls).

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Ahhhh Saturday. I think that Saturdays in the fall are my favorite days. Not only are there the baseball playoffs, but college football is in full swing and the golf season is winding down and most importantly the basketball season hasn’t begun yet (although I am a huge fan of March Madness). Anyway, I was super tired this morning and a long day really hasn’t helped that from going away so I will quickly give you the recap about why I’m smiling. If you’re not really interested you can feel free to read someone else’s journal (preferably someone more interesting).

Today began with my alarm clock going off way too early, but that wasn’t enough to get me down since a few hits to the ol’ snooze button could take care of that. I do distinctly remember hitting the snooze button twice and thinking that a shower would really wake me up. But, I must have dreamed that I took a shower because when I did finally wake up I realized that I was still unshowered (that part was a bummer). But I digress.

Today was the last day of Leadership Advantage. I had to be there to help Russell do the coffee, but since that tricky snooze button was easily within reach, I managed to get to church a good half an hour late. It’s a good thing that Russell is responsible or I’m sure we would have had some angry decaffeinated, pastor-type people on our hands. But once that started everything started to go smoothly (that half hour nap on Lori’s couch really helped too). Plus this being the last day of Leadership Advantage it meant that I was finally relieved of trash duty (thanks Keao, Krystie, Keiko and Linda for helping during the conference). On a side note it was rather funny seeing Guy Kapeliela, the senior pastor of Hope Chapel Olomana and conference speaker, ride up to church in the rain on a moped…for whatever that’s worth.

Then, I got to eat lunch/dinner at my grandmother’s house because we were taking my grandfather to the football game. I swear there is no better food than at your grandmother’s house. While I was there I saw Jose Lima pitch a five hit shutout in the NLDS (take that Sea Biscuit!). The win meant that the Dodgers still have a very outside chance of advancing in the playoffs. Then we went to the University of Hawaii football game. It was great since we beat the University of Nevada-Reno. Then that brings me to now. As I sit here in front of my computer, I can only think about how long of a day this has been and how much I really want to sleep (still tired remember?) but as I do have a chance to reflect on today, it really has ben a great day. And with that, “good night, sleep tight, dream sweet dreams of me.” (a dollar goes to whomever can tell me what song that line comes from)

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So when I wrote last (which would be last night, I know, I turning into a regular Doogie Howser) I was pretty much just complaining and griping about how I didn’t like being between the Red Sea and the charging Egyptians. Of course, I am still in the same spot but I did manage to get some key revelations. First, it’s amazing how God places certain people in your life just to lighten things up. For instance, last night my dedicated trash helper person “pretended” to stumble on the sidewalk just to try to crack me up. Imagine that! Stumbling on a completely smooth sidewalk. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it myself. But anyway I digress.

So I got home from the Leadership Advantage conference after hearing Pastor Mike Kai from Hope Chapel West O’ahu (www.hcwo.com) deliver an awesome message that spoke directly to me and I decided to spend some time with God (which is never a bad idea). I started reading the book of Judges and the birth of Samson. See, before Samson was born, an angel of the Lord appeared to Samson’s mother to tell her that she would bear a son who would become a rescuer of Israel. Unfortunately her husband wasn’t around and he didn’t get to meet this angel. But when he came back around she tried to tell him what had happened. This was his response, “Lord, please let the man of God come back to us again and give us more instructions about this son who is to be born” (Judges 13:8). This really stuck out to me. This man could have prayed anything. He could have asked for a miraculous sign. He could have asked for a confirmation that his wife wasn’t going nuts. He could have asked for anything. Instead he asked for the man to come back so he could have more instructions. That is amazing. He wanted more instructions. So I began praying for more instructions.

The next day I was off going to work and I remembered a story that Pastor Ralph told us during our staff discipleship. He was telling us of a woman who went to China to become a missionary and became discouraged because she wasn’t seeing God move too much. So she decided that she would spend 15 minutes a day praying in tongues. After about two weeks of praying in tongues everyday for 15 minutes she began to see an explosion of things happening in the Spirit. She began to see many miracles happening when she would pray for people. So feeling inspired I decided that I was going to pray in tongues for 15 minutes. I got in my car and started driving to town and I started praying in tongues. I prayed and I prayed and I kept praying. I felt like I was praying forever. But when I looked down at my car’s clock only two minutes had passed. Man it’s tough just praying solidly for 15 minutes. Anyway, not wanting to give up, I continued to pray. By the time I had prayed for about ten solid minutes I started to hear God.

Let me clarify that last part, I did NOT hear some audible voice in my car actually talking to me. It’s not like God was in the passenger seat with me, it was more I knew that he was speaking to me. He gave me some verses and some interpretations of those verses. It was great. I didn’t want to stop (plus I didn’t have anything to write them down on). So watch this, I’m super clever. Because I didn’t have anything to write what God was telling me down upon, guess what I did? I called the church office and had them direct me to my voice mail and I left myself a message. Super smart huh?

By the time I got to church later that day I was feeling really good. The Bible says that “where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18) and I had been feeling that I didn’t really have a vision for Ignite. I had been praying about this for almost two months. However, I finally felt like I had some kind of vision for Ignite. It’s really great to be in the will of God. So anyway to wrap up my day, I got to meet with Pastor Jeph for a while (it’s been a really long time since we got to just chat) then I met with Linda afterward (that went really well too, we got to discuss the ministry more) and then there was an incredible worship time during the service. Ahhh, God is sooooo good. Finally we went to Zippy’s and had an after church snack (and that crazy Keao, trying to lighten up the atmosphere once again by “pretending” that she didn’t catch on to the jokes that Mike was telling her). Thanks God for an awesome day…

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Life. Is anyone’s life turning out the way you envisioned it five years ago? Tonight as Leadership Advantage (this big leadership conference our church does every year) ended and I was taking out the trash (I know, I get the good jobs) I did some reflecting on my life. Actually, I was trying to convince Keao that we had the same birthday just on different years and that I was turning 28 on the same day that she will turn 25. But that Keao, she’s so clever, you gotta wake up pretty early in the morning to fool Keao, she saw right through my ploy and nicely told me that I was already 25 (a fact that I guess she thought escaped me, silly Keao). Anyway, I told her that I never thought I’d make it to 28. It’s not that I have some fatalistic attitude or anything, it’s just that when you’re a kid, 28 is so far away and you think you’ll never make it there. But now, sitting on the 30 side of 28, it has really made me think.

At the beginning of this year I distinctly heard God tell me that this would be a tough year. But, he said (that’s what I love about God, there’s always a but), get through it because something fantastic is waiting ahead. Well, as the first six months of the year went by, things were going pretty smoothly. The next three got much tougher. By tougher I mean I was really discouraged and many things took place. There isn’t any one thing that made it tough, more a culmination of things. That brings me to now. With just a little under three months left in the year there are days when I don’t think I’m going to make it. It wears on you. It’s one thing to set your eyes on a prize and race toward it. It’s another to race towards the finish line and not know what to expect. There may be a great prize or there may be another race (which at this point would probably kill me). Who knows? Well God. This is where my faith comes in.

Tonight I got to pray with a guy whose car just got broken into. He is pretty bummed because so many things got stolen. I don’t blame him. I would probably feel the same way. But as I was praying, the verse “walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7) jumped into my head. I said this to encourage him, but it ended up encouraging me as well. See, I already know this verse and have told it to many people before, but for some reason it really clicked to me. There are many things that I see around me that frustrate me and God has told me to take care of it (although many times I do it begrudgingly). So like anybody else, I whine, complain and gripe about it…then I do it (note to self: take care of that crappy attitude while you’re at it). Anyway (or as my sister would say, anyroads) God also told me something else this week too. This pertains to my year as well as my life. He asked me, “why do you think you are where you are?” He then told me about the Israelites and their journey through the desert to the Red Sea. Why were the Israelites stuck between the Red Sea and the charging Egyptians? Ready for this? They were there because God led them there. God literally led them between the Red Sea and the Egyptians. If you don’t believe me look it up for yourself in Exodus 13-14. Being in a hard spot was exactly God’s plan for them. So I have to believe that I am where I am because God led me there.

Finally, as we were praying during Leadership Advantage my prayer partner Malialani prayed something else encouraging. She prayed to encourage me that I was in God’s plan and that it was more than I could know right now (man, the Spirit was flowing tonight!). So here I am trying to finish off the year and finish the race strong. So if anyone wants to agree with me in prayer for the next three months I sure would appreciate it.

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